The photographer

Frédéric Demeuse’s photos are the expression of his unquenchable desire : to testify, to remember, and to share every one of his encounters with the extraordinary diversity of our planet Earth.

Frédéric is a dedicated naturalist with a background in ethology and ornithology (Nord-Trøndelag University College, Norway) whose first works emphasised the fragility and importance of local nature in human-dominated areas.

His images, combinations of living dreams and pure curiosity, give hope that mankind will never forget that our relationship with the biosphere, the living envelope which encompasses our Earth, is the most valuable element of our existence and of our community of destiny.

Through his work he wishes to be the interpreter of the forest and the living world, encouraging their understanding, a greater sense of our common responsibility, a stronger alliance between the natural world and human kind.

Over the years he developed a unique artistic approach centred on the revitalising energy of photography on human beings, bridging outdoors photography with the latest researchs in neuroscience. His fine art photography acquires a new dimension as it intends to interact with the human brain. To this aim, Frédéric selects carefully his scenes in order to restore the viewer’s inner peace, concentration and creativity.

His work has won prestigious prizes in international competitions and he has published four books about the Nature of his country, including « The Forest in Belgium » in 2014. Frédéric’s images are included in several collections of international institutions, have been showcased in galleries or used in publications worldwide.

He lives in Brussels, Belgium, with his partner Alice. He is the happy father of a little girl.


His practice is guided by a strong belief that nature photography is the perfect synthesis between art and science. Photography exists in the moment yet demands patience without limits.

As an avid naturalist he likes to spend as much time as possible in the field. This principle of immersion in the natural world is the key ingredient to convey the magic of the outdoors, absorbing its many moods and revealing its secret wonders. The raison d’être of these photos has been to extract the beauty of our common essence from the chaos of this world in an artistically powerful way. Added to Frédéric’s fine art photography and his passion for the outdoors and the wild world, is his documentation of wildlife behaviours and habitats.

Photography is the pacific weapon he has chosen, a weapon which alone enables this sharing of the marvelling of a poet, the commitment of a naturalist, and the power of an idealist.

And finally, a photograph is only the visible part of the story. What is most important is to be out there, living every instant with the greatest intensity and sincerity.